Friday, June 22, 2012

Plus Model Lizzie Miller for Glamour Magazine

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Plus Size Model Lizzie Miller for Glamour Magazine

The American Glamour magazine featured this photo of Lizzie Miller, who is a radiant woman naturally smiling. The problem that many people saw in the photo: Her stomach wasn’t airbrushed to look perfect. This year, a new advertisement for Chanel shows Kiera Knightley scantily clad in just suspenders, with a significant change to her figure. Retouching women to make them thinner, sexier, and more appealing even happens to talented actors and musicians. Celebrities, although their looks are often coveted, are also not beautiful enough for our advertisements and magazines. Showing women without airbrushing not only empowers the individual subject, but also helps all women realize that there is no such thing as a perfect body. All of us age and have differences, and even the best models are still airbrushed and made up so that they’re not their real selves.

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